I was born in Orroroo in the mid north of South Australia on All Saints Day – 6 January 1951. I was the first of four boys. My family owned the local General Motors dealership so I lived in the workshop and grew up with oil in my veins.

I am attracted to intuitive people. My Grandmother was a very intuitive psychic and she and I had a special connection. When she met my wife to be, who is also very intuitive, they got on extremely well.

When I was 11 years old, the local water diviner taught me how to dowse for water, and I have been dowsing now for over 50 years.

Dowsing is a skill all humans are born with. Water being freely available from a tap means the urgency to survive doesn’t depend on being able to find water, and so these skills have disappeared over time.

Growing up in the country enabled me to hone my water divining skills with lots of bores and wells requiring checks for depth and quality. As soon as you started drilling, your accuracy was quickly verified.

The Earth’s underground water stream system is its circulation system. Mineralized water is transported and nutrients deposited where they are needed. Pollutants are leached out and taken away, thereby balancing out the whole system.

I remember showing some overseas visitors the wonders of dowsing, including that they could actually do it themselves. The wonderment on their faces when their dowsing rods moved was memorable.

I have also studied Feng Shui and Geomancy, which concerns all forms of energy.

I started dowsing houses around twenty five years ago. In the beginning, I was asked to check the energy in the houses of terminally ill friends. I often found they slept over underground water streams and advised them to move to other, clearer areas of the house. It might be a coincidence, but I still make sure I don’t sleep over water streams. Initially, I found my health deteriorating from doing these houses, so I had to learn methods to protect myself and not take on this toxic energy. I had to be an Eagle – The Observer.

I’ve had many interesting experiences with dowsing. For example, the South Australian Dowsers Club received a plea for help from a German Man living in Clare who had read a Geomancy book about the underground water link to cancer and had made his own rods and found underground water under his bed. I was given the job and confirmed his suspicions. My training had included making corrective devices to deflect these toxic radiations. So I made and installed several corrective devices on site. The Dowsers club got a letter from a very relieved man saying the water was gone (it wasn’t), but the unhealthy radiation was.

Two members of the Dowsers Club came as observers. The conversation on the return journey proved to be very informative. The woman who came on the trip was a recognized Psychic. She had heard about the work we were doing but had never experienced it first hand. She confirmed all the energies found and told me I was a Psychic from how I had tuned into the way this man was thinking.

During an address investigating past lives we all participated in an exercise to find out which was the most influential past life currently affecting us presently. Annie the Woman running the session is a very well known past life therapist. She was amazed, when I was the only one who’s ever had “Lemuria” as their influencing continent. I had no Idea what it meant at the time. But have learnt since why she made such a fuss.

One pitch black night during Army Reserve training at  Cultana we had an exercise where we had to try and pick out about 15 men hiding in the scrub observers followed your directions to where you thought they were hiding confirming one way or the other if they were. I found that while I could not see them I KNEW exactly where they were. There were five others with me but I found them all.

At the time I just thought everyone could do this. I have found out since that most people can’t.