Energy is everything

We live in a soup of different forms of energy – gravity, electrical, magnetic, thoughts and sacred and spiritual energy. All of these are forms of energy, the difference being frequency and form and our perception of them.

Water is a good example. It’s made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, held in a bond. Did you know the solid part of water – the oxygen and hydrogen – are in proportion with the moon and earth in size and distance between them. It’s the energy in the bond that’s most important. We are mostly water and as the tides are caused and affected by the movement of the moon, so are we.

To think we can live disconnected from these influences is unrealistic.

Feng Shui (wind and water) takes this into account, looking at water, as we are mainly made up of this, and wind, which you cannot see. You know it exists, but only the effect of its energy is made known by what happens when it’s around.

Everyone can find water underground – it’s one of our many hidden abilities, which most people don’t realise they have. Over the centuries people wanting power have used many methods of coercion to suppress this ability – calling it “witch craft” or discrediting it in order to suppress this ability. The Priest, shaman or medicine man kept this little secret to themselves as a means of control. I have met with some resistance to this work from some people who still suffer from this ignorance and ingrained programming.

I have found it hard to talk about this to most people, and have had to simplify things when discussing the subject. The good news is that, with the massive shift in consciousness which is happening in the universe right now, many people are realising there’s lots of things they know they don’t know. We are undergoing a massive shift in thinking and more people are now ready to listen, explore and learn.

Do I understand all this? Not really, but it’s an exciting journey to be on.

I have started this blog to bring like-minded people together on this trip.

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