My dad the skeptic

When he was alive my father didn’t understand his mother’s psychic skills and was one of my biggest critics.

He had a listing that was so bad people would stand at the entrance and call out for the weekly book and not step into the house.

In desperation he called me to do whatever I did as the auction was to be held in four days and there was no prospect of a sale.

I found that four of the neighbours hated the woman in the house.

When I asked Dad about for more details, he said she had already left for Sydney. The house was empty. The neighbours still thought of her and the house in a very negative way. He had been in business for about 60 yrs and could not remember anyone worse than her over all that time, he said.

This confirmed what I thought so I drew up some mandalas to neutralise the neighbours thoughts.

At the last open inspection I got a call from Dad. There had been a lot of comments like “Hasn’t this been on the market with another agent before you?”, “It’s fantastic – why hasn’t it sold?” He knew it was going to sell at the auction…

Which it did two days later, going for $60,000 over the reserve!

He never criticised me again.

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