Car radio repairs and healing a marriage

Quite a few years ago (when car radios were worth repairing) I had a run picking up and  delivering car radios for repairs.

While at a large car dealership’s service counter one Friday, the receptionist I normally dealt with was complaining of a very stiff and sore neck, she showed me a large bump on her neck. I enquired about what had happened and she started on about a step or something, then had to answer the phone.

Between calls I told her it had nothing to do with the step. I was not sure how she would take what I was about suggest but I did know her pretty well, so I suggested the lump on her neck meant she was frustrated. The phone kept on interrupting , however piece by piece she explained that she started work at 7am, her husband looked after the kids all day and worked shift work at night. He would leave for work soon after she got home. With a 30km drive to work, they really were ships passing in the night.

I just mentioned that it was the weekend, and she should go home and spend some time with her husband.

Monday I returned with the repairs, and was shown a neck with no lump or pain and a big smile on her face.

Two weeks later they both tossed in their jobs and bought a cellar door winery.

When I saw her two years later they were very happy.

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