Qualifications and Experience

Retired Electrician and long term dowser, with an interest in all forms of energy


Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, including electrical and electronics

Qualified to use LPG refrigerant, heat pump hot water and under-floor heating

Refrigerant gas handling and trading licenses. ARC certified and audited

Steam boiler operators certificate to fire for steam locomotives


Experience in remote power solar and 32/240/415 volt systems

Electronic repairs to component level

Electrodata Phone recorders

TPR verifiable recorders for investigators

10 year service contract for 55 Tandy shop repairs

Alcatel bus destination signs

IPIX 360 degree photographer

Closed circuit cameras for hotels

Data cable networking

Singer sewing machine repairs

TV antenna and satellite dish installation and antenna distribution networks


Juergen Schmidt dowsing and Feng Shui

Reverse Speech with founder David John Oats

Rosacrucian training in Ancient Wisdom

Patrick DesPlace Esoteric training

Kumon educational supervisor in Maths and English tuition

Brain gym, educational kinesiology and Superlearning

Landmark graduate

Remedial massage



Member of

Dowsers Club of South Australia – Treasurer, 27 years

British Society of Dowsers

Dowsers Society of Victoria

Royal Association of Justices of the Peace


Rotary – 23 years

Prince Alfred Old Collegian Association (Life Member)

Army Reserves – 3 years

Steamtown Steam Preservation Society – Foundation Council Member

Notable Experiences

Climbed to the peak of Wilpena Pound and Mount Victor, SA to install a UHF repeater

Set up over 20 UHF CB Repeaters in country New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia nd Northern Territory. Most stations are powered by solar energy and are still in service thirty years later!

360° photographs of the Adelaide GPO from the top of the clock tower

360° photos of helicopter rescue equipment in Bendigo

Travelled on the very last journey of the PMR720 Steam Locomotive from Peterborough to Quorn on the narrow gauge line before it was removed.

Witness at Steamtown Royal Commission

Involved in light plane crash at Kingoonya

Guest speaker appearances

South Australian Rotary Clubs

Dowsers Club of Victoria

Dowsers Club of South Australia